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We are troubleshooting the slow performance and will implement a fix as soon as possible. Until then, please use the DNA and RNA calculators in our ordering configurators.
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Base Annotations:
DNA = A, T, G, C or [dA], [dT], [dG], [dC]
Base Degeneracies = B, D, H, K, M, N, R, S, V, W, Y or [dB], [dD], [dH], [dK], [dM], [dN], [dR], [dS], [dV], [dW], [dY]
LNA® = [+A], [+T], [+G], [+C]
Phosphorothioated (S-Oligo) DNA Base = prefix the base with an asterisk "*" (e.g. *A, *G)
DNA Sequence with RNA Base = place the RNA base within brackets [rX]
RNA = A, C, G, U or [rA], [rG], [rC], [rU] (begin sequence with an "r" as the prefix followed by the sequence, e.g. rACGU, or select Type as RNA)
Phosphorothioated RNA = *A, *G, *C, *U
2'O-Methyl RNA = [mA], [mG], [mC], [mU]
Phosphorothioated 2'O-Methyl RNA = [mA]*, [mG]*, [mC]*, [mU]*. Use [rX] for standard RNA and [dX] for standard DNA bases.
RNA Sequence with DNA Base = place the DNA base within brackets [dX]
Analysis Options
Oligo Concentration
Monovalent Ion Concentration
Free Mg++ Ion Concentration
Total Na[+] Equivalent
Temperature for Free Energy Calculation
Note: Reaction conditions affect primer dimer and hairpin searches only.
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Enter the specifications for your oligo modifications
To add a modification code, select the Add Mod button to the left of its description. The code will automatically be placed onto the appropriate position of the sequence, but you also can move and rearrange any internal modification codes you select. To undo any modification entry, click the Undo button. To reset your sequence to its original state, click the Reset button.
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